***Official Rules***

Fifteenth Annual Chili Cook-Off

Col. BJ Smith VFW Post 9892

Based on International Chili Society Rules



1.     Teams. :Individuals, Organizations or Families


2.     Name:Each team and their Chili recipe should have a name.


3.     Chili Team Captain:Must be an adult.Team Captains and crew will be

provided up to five (5) commemorative shirts.


4.     Equipment:VFW Post 9892/Bali-Hai will provide each team with a booth,

table and work area.Teams are responsible for their own chili ingredients,

cooking utensils, stove and gas or grill/hibachi and charcoal.While no

electrical appliances are allowed, pressure cookers are permitted.


5.     Cooking Time:Shall be from 8:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.Samples of Chili

MUST be ready for judging as 12:30 P.M.Approximately 12

Ounces shall be presented for judging in a container to be

Provided.Teams must cook at least one gallon of chili.


6.     Preparation:Chili must be cooked on premises between 8:30 A.M. and

12:30 P.M. on day of Chili Cook-Off.Advance preparations: e.g.,

pre-soaking beans, chopping ingredients and starting charcoal

are permitted.


7.     Judging:Judging will be based on merit.Decisions of the judges will be



NOTE:If it is necessary to re-heat your chili, you will be instructed by

one of the Marshals.


8.     Clean Up:Each team shall be responsible for the cleaning up of itís

Assigned area and return to original condition.


9.     Awards:Best Chili and 1st & 2nd Runner-up plagues.Commanderís Award

(plaque) for combination of best booth decoration and team attire.Ms. Chili

Pepper- Cash awards for Senorita Chili Pepper and runner-up, as well as best

In costume and best in swim suit.


10.Entry Fee:There will be an entry fee of 2500.00 pesos, which must be paid

no later than the teams captains meeting the day prior to the Chili Cook-Off.


Note:Offenders of these rules may be disqualified.Please observe