COL BJ Smith VFW Post 9892

Bauang, La Union Philippines 2501


                                                 Monthly Meeting Minutes


Opening ceremonies conducted IAW Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual, meeting opened at 1330 hours July 12, 2005.



                                                                           Absent   Excused   Present

Commander                                                                                         X                      ­­­­­­­­­                                       

Senior Vice Commander                                                                    X                                      

Junior Vice Commander                                                                    X               Quartermaster                                                                                    X              

Chaplain                                                                                              X                Surgeon                                                                                               X             

Service Officer                                                                                    X              

Judge Advocate                                                                                  X                              Adjutant                                                                                              X

Officer of the Day                                                                               X                

Safety Officer                                                                                     X               

Trustee One                                                                           X                                             

Trustee Two                                                                                       X                                                         

Trustee Three                                                            X                                                                                               

Bingo Chairman                                                                                X                                

Buddy Poppy Chairman                                                                     X                                                                       

Chili Cook-Off Chairman                                                                 X                 

Chairman Post Home Committee                                                      X                                                                  


 Commander Gaspard recognized the following distinguished attendees and guest.

All past Commanders, All past Seam Squirrels. 24 Members were in attendance.


1.      Reading, referring, membership applications.


Comrade Raymond B. Hermosa has applied for transfer into Post 9892 as a life member transferring from Post 1123 in Vallejo CA.


Comrade John D. Keller an annual member has applied for transfer into Post 9892 from Post 14,000, member at large.


Comrade Ramon B. Bueno has applied for life membership in Post 9892.


Motion made by Comrade Russell to accept Comrades Keller, Hermosa and Bueno as members of Post 9892 second by Comrade Noble. Approved  


Reading of official and other correspondence.


Letter from District VII Commander.


2. Reading of minutes.


Minutes have been posted and distributed.


Motion to accept minutes subject to any corrections made by Comrade Russell second by Comrade Morrison. Approved.   


 3. Quartermaster’s report; disbursements.


 4. Quartermasters report receipts.


Motion to accept quartermasters report as audited made by Comrade Wileman second by Comrade Tuttle. Approved.


5. Reading of bills.




      6. Report of Service Officer


          See attachment # 1


7. Report of Surgeon


         See attachment # 2


Is there a Comrade or the family of a Comrade in distress?


Comrade Morrison reported that Comrades Baxter and Philips conditions have improved greatly.


     8.  Report of all Committees. 


A.      Buddy Poppy               P 540.00           

B.      Bingo Chairman          See attachment   #  3

                                   C.  Community Services.  See attachment   #  4 

                                   D.  Chili Cook-Off             Negative Report   Neg.

                                   E.  PH Committee             See attachment   #  5         

                                   F.  Safety Officer              See attachment   Verbal                            


Motion to accept all committee reports made by Comrade Looker second by Comrade Tuttle. Approved.


     9.  Remember our National Home.


          Prayer by Comrade Kelly.


     10.  Unfinished business.




11.   New Business.


1.      Comrade Domondon resigned as Post service officer.

2.      Commander Gaspard appointed Comrade Vegara as Post service officer.


     12. Good of the order.


1.      50/50 drawing. Comrade Hilliard.  P 1200.00  

2.      My thanks to all the Comrades and staff for their effort in the annual housecleaning, painting and inventory.

3.      Commander Gaspard presented the Cross of Malta to Comrades, Bueno,

     Gusman, Batac, Presto, Pulido, Villareal, Valdez, Villauneva and Nielsen.

4.      Commander Gaspard and all members welcomed Comrade Mike Murphy back

     from several months medical treatment in Hawaii and Comrade Mike Nicely

     who is with us on a short vacation from Las Vegas.



Meeting closed at 1425 hours by Commander Gaspard IAW VFW ritual, next meeting will be August 9, 2005.



Official:                                                                  Approved:



 ____Signed______                                                _____Signed ______

 Emory C. Russell                                               Arthur L. Gaspard                                                    

Adjutant                                                             Commander




Cc: Post Members

Cc: District Adjutant

Cc: Post Files